Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When Life Gives You Pizza dough....

Make PIZZA!!! And so we did....yummy. Homemade pizza from scratch based on a dough recipe by Wolfgang Puck. Toppings via me-- tomato sauce, cheese (of course!), basil and pepperoni. We also made cupcakes infused with vanilla Ceylon tea and will dip them in ganache tomorrow. Anything dipped in ganache gets my full attention! We started the batter for a pound cake which we will be infusing with green tea (that smelled like spinach....not so nice) but will cut it with honey and other goodies to see if we can doctor it up. There will be a tea seminar at the school tonight and so they asked that we provide them with a few goodies to go along with the teas they will be demo'ing. Dell was at the school yesterday having some sort of cooking class and I had to laugh as I cut through the hot kitchen to see them all chopping/cooking away looking so important and yet so un-chef-like. HA! Today...a test over the last few chapters we covered and then back into the kitchen. Things are really starting to move at a fast pace so I am drinking extra coffee and praying to the energy gods .....tee hee. Bake on!

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