Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Test day!

Today we FINALLY take the ServSafe exam and then it will be bake bake bake from here forward! We made almond biscotti yesterday and will finish them up today to have with our a.m. coffee. I sure don't remember school being this delicious before!! We received all of the remaining parts of our uniforms yesterday (very flattering...NOT!) and another textbook. Some of the girls are already lining up their externships and so I need to think more seriously about where I want to do my 120 hours for that fulfillment. Feeling a little warped this a.m.....still not into a groove. Guess I shall down some coffee, study a bit more and then hem up a pair of the lovely checkered chef's pants they gave me which are about 12 inches too long!! Onward through the fog...

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