Friday, November 20, 2009

Keyboard in the Dishwasher, etc..

So I ended the week by spilling coffee on my expensive wireless keyboard and fried it. A friend told me to put it in the dishwasher and then wait 7 days and it should be fine. We shall see. In the meantime...I am typing on a $7 bargain from a resell shop and I think I will soon be crippled if I continue to do so. We got our ServSafe exam results back finally...everyone passed! Took another exam and a quiz and now have a research report due Monday. head is spinning and that doesn't even include the fact that I have my transcription to tackle, externship hours, and just daily life like grocery shopping, THE DOGS, etc. Super challenging but I am doing it....and doing it well in my humble opinion. Today, it's off to Paige's to work at the bakeshop for a while. I can already hear the 80s tunes blasting. Fun! In class this week, we made our pizzas which turned out fantastic. We also made cupcakes dipped in ganache and then infused pound cake with Chai tea for a tea seminar that was being held at the school. Everything turned out great. We also learned knife skills and practiced cutting onions (reminded me of Julie and Julia) as we all cried onion tears. I am proud to say I still have all 10 digits without even a nick! Better down some coffee and get my running shoes on...another busy one ahead...

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