Sunday, November 15, 2009

Externship takes shape...

One of my fellow students is doing her externship hours at a bakery just a few miles from my house. She invited me to come in a look around to see if I might be interested in pursuing some of my externship hours there as well. Friday afternoon, I headed over to where  I met Paige (owner/chef) and Tracey (fellow student). Paige is a graduate of the prestigious Johnson & Wales University and has quite a resume already in her young years! She is wacky and fun ....full of  life. The bake shop is a relaxed atmosphere but Paige has all of the skills and knowledge one could only hope to learn from. Thank you Tracey for setting me up with such a great opportunity! We will be hammering away with the busy holiday season upon us and so I can't wait to jump in and become part of the team. (photos courtesy of Paige's Bakehouse).


  1. Margaret - this is such wonderful news!! Thanks for letting me know and you can be sure I'll be following this daily and looking forward to your posts. Baking and pastry - right up my alley and just in time for Christmas! You are planning to send me some goodies for Christmas, aren't you? Aren't you?

    Virginia Greathouse

  2. Thanks's been a struggle trying to find enough minutes in a day (I am still doing my transcription) but I am soooo enjoying the process! I think I timed it just right-- who wouldn't want to be in baking/pastry class for the holidays?! Baked goods for all this year!! HO HO HO...

  3. I like your blog! I guess the next generation of pastry chefs will be made up of people who previously had completely different careers. We're trendsetters...who knew!