Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time to Make the Chocolates

Something I have always enjoyed is chocolate-- in fact I am quite addicted to all things cacao! I am really interested in the whole process from start to finish and would love to do some of my externship hours with a chocolatier. Chocolate is a real artform and when you see someone work with it making truffles, bon bons, sculptures, just draws you in. Plus, it's super yummy and so a total win-win for me. Chef Todd did a demonstration for us on how to make bon bons one day. He filled the dark chocolate ones with carmel infused ganache and the white chocolate ones had egg nog ganache. YUM. It was fun to watch but I want to get my hands on those chocolate molds and give it a try for myself. I have written to a couple of local chocolatiers to see if they will take me under their wing so....fingers crossed!

Filling the molds with tempered dark chocolate...

Chocolate setting in the mold before being piped with ganache filling....

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