Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nail Biter and then a reward.... we had our first practical exam. This means we took a written test and then also had to bake two items for the chef as part of the exam. It was a bit nervewracking because the chef stood by each of us to make sure we were using the right mixing methods, scaling components properly, etc. We had to make scones and also an apple cinnamon loaf recipe. Not terribly difficult at all but just having him standing there watching you each step of the way can get you a bit unnerved! I did great on both the written exam (100!) and the baking portion so.....hooray!!! We will continue to be tested like this in the future and with more and more difficult recipes so...better keep my game face on from here forward! As a friend Tracey and I took a field trip after class to Roscar Chocolates in Bastrop. See next post for yummy details....

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