Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chocolate....nuff said!!!

It was definitely reward time. After a super busy week with work, school, exams, etc, I felt a reward was more than deserved. So...what better than chocolate. My classmate/externship buddy Tracey and I decided to head to the Lost Pines of Bastrop to visit Oh my gosh....heaven tucked away in the corner of a quaint rural town. With it being Christmas season, the pine trees surrounding the log cabin that houses these delicious treats just seemed like a page out of a fairytale.....a very yummy, chocolatey one.

How cute is this???
These aren't just any chocolates. The chef/owner (Dutch-born Frans Hendriks) is a european trained master chef who uses only the finest Belgian chocolate for his unique artisan confections. He doesn't use oils or extracts to flavor the chocolates but rather uses a process to somehow take the actual item to be used as flavor and reduce it a concentrated form. Hard to explain but once you see how fragrant and flavorful the chocolates are, you realize these are unlike any others. I have never in my life tasted such amazing flavor combinations in chocolate. I think my favorite was the lime/tequila/jalapeno. Sounds odd...right? But it's sooo wonderful and you don't really taste the jalapeno-- it's more of a sensation of heat at the back of your tongue. I brought a small gift box home so husband could enjoy as well. They have so many different choices between their bonbons and truffles. I chose the champagne, triple dark pomegranate, horchata, cajeta, passion fruit with brandy and a cabernet sauvignon. They also let you sample a few before you of course we indulged. They had combinations with herbs that were out of this world (basil, ginger, mint).  As well, they do offer Anderson's coffee, loose leaf tea, packaged cocoa nibs and a few other treats. What an amazing place. We did inquire to see if he would allow us to do some of our externship hours with him for school ...finger's crossed as we wait on his response. For sure....we will be returning to Roscar for more of their very special chocolates!!

Can you just taste them???

With so many was really hard to narrow down the picks. You could do a lot of damage to your wallet in this place!

Savor the flavor on the porch a while...

Quaint inside...

Best to take a picture to make them last!! Truly amazing chocolates...Roscar!

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