Monday, December 28, 2009

The Pizza Man Cometh...

We will  never purchase pizza again in this house.......because we are hooked on making it ourselves. And I mean it when I say "we" as even Oscar is in on the act!!

See Oscar Roll

Roll Oscar Roll

Break Time! (note pizza in oven in background--- awesome!)

We used a super simple recipe for thin crust dough and then added our own favorite toppings. It's actually cheap to make, easy and so rewarding to know you can do it yourself and it tastes just as good (even better actually) than what you order from local pizza chains.

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  1. I make our pizza all the time too. Matt loves it! I am teaching him things to keep him busy and out of my hair in the kitchen and he is becoming an excellent help! He could make our weekly oat bread, make a pie crust and definitely make the pizza crust now. Especially since he is hooked on using the Kitchenaid!