Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winding Down

With only 12 actual class days left, we are getting very close to the end of school! Our chef instructor let us know yesterday that he will be leaving us early --- next week is his last week with us. So it's unsure how the last 2 weeks of class will be run. Onward we go....

Next week we are each working on our own wedding or celebration cake for 2 days. This should be a challenge as we have always been with partners. As I will fly solo on this project-- and I don't consider myself a "cake person"....we shall see how I do! I tried to pick something basic. If it comes out nice enough...I will post pictures. If will never be mentioned again...HA!

A couple of pics of pastries we worked on this past week. Still working with plated desserts and moving into chocolate/sugar work next. Here is a dessert made of puff pastry, marscapone/orange filling, fresh cut strawberries topped with whipped cream. Not too sweet but just right....yum!

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