Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chef John Kraus- Day 2

Again, another packed day of learning with chef John Kraus. He is such a wonderful teacher and seems to do things with ease--- even those tricky French macarons that I adore. I am thrilled to have the recipes from him and the 3 days of instruction we will have under out belts by the time he leaves tomorrow. This is certainly an unxpected but amazing segment of class that I won't soon forget! Some pictures of the class today (tomorrow will be grand buffet to show off all that was accomplished!):

Piping out perfect macarons...aren't they gorgeous??

I can't get enough of these. They will be filled with raspberry ganache to finish tomorrow!

Orange madeleines being topped with glaze. These were SO delicious!

Another view...pre glazing. The "bump" is a very desired trademark on the madeleines by French bakers!

The are called Soleil which means "sun" in French. They are buttery cookies made with the special tip pictured below (that I want to order):

And this is how the Soleil are finished-- piped with mocha infused ganache. YUM!!

This is a pineapple/mango salsa with that will be used to top one of the petits fours from yesterday (the coconut fondant, I believe).

Chocolate financiers made in savarin molds. Will be completed tomorrow.

Chocolate streusal that was run through a grinding attachment on a mixer to make strands. See pic below. This was then flash frozen and crumbled into bits before baking. It will be used as part of a tart.

Grinding up the chocolate streusal.

Crunchy buttery almond cookies.

As you can see....each day is packed with activity and for those interested in petits fours, there is a ton to be gained from this seminar. I couldn't be more pleased to be able to sit in on this class! More tomorrow..

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