Wednesday, February 10, 2010

French Pastries and Beyond

We are still working on basic cakes but have dipping into the section on French pastries which is another area I am super excited about. We have previously made pate a choux dough for cream puffs and eclairs but made it again as it is very versatile and used frequently in different French pastries. I don't really like the recipe we use in class--- it's very bland and rather eggy. This time around we made a couple of different things including Paris brest and  St. Honore. Here are pictures of St. Honore which has a puff pastry base with the pate a choux piped around the edges. After that bakes, it's filled with pastry cream, whipped cream and topped with cream puffs that have been dipped in caramelized sugar. Decadant to say the least...

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  1. Beautiful St Honore. Check out the french pastry at

    chef blair