Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Round of Cocoamoda

The restaurant and chocolate factory have been very busy with all of the press received lately as well as Valentine's day being just around the corner. We really cranked up production of the truffles and I helped out whereever needed. I drove out both Friday and Saturday this week so as to help them and help myself at the same time by gaining valuable knowledge watching Chef Ken's creative mind at work. Everyone seemed to be in high gear and feeling the pressure ...but being busy is a GOOD thing for a fledgling operation...a very good thing!

I arrived each day just as the sun was coming up....

Can you almost taste them? Enrobed, topped with cocoa nibs and waiting for someone to take home...

Milk & Honey ganache filled awaiting enrobing...

After enrobing in delicious chocolate and reading to go home with you!

What is Chef Ken brewing up today??? It's always a surprise with his genious at work. Kumkwats, chestnuts and simple syrup reducing on the stove top.

Crepes four at a time --  and each one perfect. I, of course, sampled for QA purposes. DELISH!

Only a small peak at the many, many truffles we produced this weekend for the burgeoning demand. Cocoamoda is on the map!

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