Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Week for Sure...

sAs we get closer and closer to the end of the program, chef is really stepping things up and having us bake, decorate, garnish several things per class. The bakeshop is abuzz with the sounds of mixers whirring, oven timers bleeping, dishes being washed and busy bakers! This week after finishing up the practical portion of the exam, we got right back into the syllabus with more French pastries, petits fours, tea cakes, etc. We are learning to make garnishes for plated desserts with things like brandy snaps (aka lace cookies):

You can cut them up or mold them while still warm into different shapes to set on top of or along side your plated dessert. Or they can be molded into little bowls that you can use to serve sorbets, ice cream, etc.

Also made this chocolate velvet cake with almonds:

We also made Financiers. I made mine in several different shaped molds to see how they would turn out

Basically, Financiers are a French dessert. They are light tea cakes, similar to sponge cake, and usually contain almond flour or almond flavoring. The basis of the cake itself is beurre noisette (brown butter), egg whites, powdered sugar and flour. Financiers are often baked in shaped molds. They really tasted great and were easy to make. I need to invest in some of the silicone molds we have been baking in. They are pricey but they last a lifetime and really are versatile.

As well, we did make dacquoise which is a nut flavored (usually hazelnut or almond) meringue type of cake used to make layered dessert cakes-- very decadent!

We also worked with chocolate a bit making garnishes and chef demonstrated some molded chocolates filled with key lime ganache.

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