Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Day of Chocolate Bliss... was back to Cocoamoda for more adventures with the chocolate crew. Never knowing what to expect upon arrival is half the fun of this externship and they did not dissapoint. We helped Chef Ken work on a chocolate sculpture for a donation gift the OPAS Gala. It was not only amazing to watch the entire process come together...but also to lay hands on it myself and be part of the process. WOW! In a matter of hours, Chef Ken took the theme of James Bond with umbrella, martini glass and bola hat from his brain to the finished product and the result was nothing less than amazing. With the deadline looming and chocolate not tempering quick enough, it was like watching a reality show on TV where they get down to the very last commercial break and you still don't know if they are going to make it or not. Stressful but yet Chef Ken never broke a sweat (we did!!!). Some pictures of the process....

Can you tell what this will be eventually?

The beginning of the umbrella....maybe by spraying chocolate (with a paint sprayer!) on acetate. Who knew?

Brim of the hat.

Martini glass in the making...

Starting to look more umbrella-y.

Fast forward to the end result....amazing!!

Chef Ken doing his King Kong impersonation (actually just snapping a photo!)

Mad scientist/genious at work! Thanks Chef Ken for another fun-filled educational day at Cocoamoda!

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