Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Buttery Goodness!

I have soooo been looking forward to this segment of class. We have been working away on laminated doughs with puff pastry, danish, croissant, etc. These are very versatile doughs with lots of butter in the formulas. While these doughs are rather tedious with the steps taken to weave the butter into the layers...it's worth the trouble as the end result is so very tasty. We are also working on rich doughs and have a sourdough starter brewing in the cooler for a few days. Will be posting pictures of the things we accomplish daily....enjoy!

Apple Tart and it's progressive steps...

Made with puff pastry, a layer of almond frangipane and of course, the apples on top!

Larger than life photo of apple turnover made with puff pastry...YUM!!!

And for a little added humor...my brother brought some of my cookies to Colorado. I am now famous!! Don't the mountains in the background set them off perfectly?! HA!

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