Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Working the Chain Gang....via Opera Cake!

It was another busy day at Tony's Off Third! I am still feeling a bit lost but gaining my sea legs day by day and enjoying every bit of it. Chef Emily is full of energy and new ideas so it's very hard not to catch the wave of enthusiasm she is riding and join right in. To end the day today....we formed a bucket brigade of sorts to build Opera cakes that are complicated in that they take so many steps to create:

Next to macarons, these are probably my favorite French treats (and pain au chocolate and eclairs and frangipane and and and....HA!). What you see here are super thin layers of almond jaconde cake soaked with coffee syrup and then alternating layers of chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream topped with a chocolate glaze that hardens and brings it all together. Decadence!!!

Some other random photos from the day:
Gorgeous strawberry pistachio tarts.
Large Tiramisu chocolate cups.
Chocolate/caramel tart topped with whipped cream, chocolate and chocolate. Did I mention the chocolate??

Another great day....looking forward to tomorrow!

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  1. Good god I'm hungry after looking at these pictures!