Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dulce de Leche filled Macarons

The overwheming urge hit me today to try a new recipe for French macarons. This time, I used the French meringue method vs the usual Italian meringue. They were much easier since I did not have to cook the sugar syrup as is required for the Italian meringue. However, I am not sure the macs were as dense as they normally are. I was happy with the taste though and they looked nice with big "feet"! So, I think this merits more experimentation with the French meringue method. I cheated and purchased the dulce de leche instead of making it. However, I did make the effort at least to drive to the Mexican market around the corner where they actually did make it from scratch. So does that give me just a few extra points?? I think so!

Piped and ready to bake!

Can't you just taste them?

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